Thursday, January 22, 2009

Making a plan..

I realize I will never resume my workouts if I don't forge ahead and really work it in to my "new" lifestyle.  LOL  Having a third child is my "alternative lifestyle."  So, I've mapped out what classes I could take at the YMCA based on the older kids coming with me and Ed watching little Shepherd.  He can't do the childcare until he's 3 months and even then, it's flu season and I'm just not ready.  

Anyway, here's the "schedule:"

Body Sculpting 5:30pm-6:25pm (take older kids)

Body Sculpting 7:30pm-8:30pm (after kids are in bed- leave at 7pm)

Power Step 5:30pm-6:20pm (take older kids)

Heat 6am-7am (don't take kids - too early)

Step 9:15-10am (take older kids)

Step 9:15-10am (no childcare on Sundays)

Obviously I don't plan on going every day mentioned, but if the stars align and I'm able to do it- I know what class will be on what day.  Making a plan.  Planning is probably the biggest tool I use in weight loss.  Meals, exercise, rest, etc.  

Okay, I need to make a shopping list for some meals for the weekend and into next week.  My goal is to prep some this weekend so it makes it easier on the weekdays.  We've been ordering out entirely too much lately and I need to cut the calories and the cash.

FYI- scale said 176lbs this morning!

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