Saturday, January 17, 2009

My new favorite quote...

I'm reading Bob Harper's (Biggest Loser) book on learning to change your life in relation to health/fitness and I just read a bit that just hit me in the face.

When you kid yourself and pretend that you are happier, slimmer, and more in control of food that you really are, you not only create a big fat obstacle to achieving your goals, you also undermine your confidence in your ability to do so.  (Bob Harper,   Are You Ready?  Take charge, lose weight, get in shape, and change your life forever. )

I read that and thought: THAT IS ME.  All week I've been"on plan," knowing that I've slipped in food here and there and yet "fudged" my points to make myself feel in control.  And I didn't really do it purposely, but rather stayed on plan half heartedly, while telling myself I was truly doing it.  Know what I mean?  It's this kind of stuff that keeps people on a diet for 6 months with no weight loss.  Then they burn out and just give in.  

Being honest with yourself is so freaking vital to successful weightloss and health.  

In addition to reading Bob's book, I'm also reading Skinny Bitch.  It's a funny, but "in your face" take at dropping the excuses and eating heathy.  Very entertaining and challenging.  All things I need right now to keep me focused.

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Nan said...

Love that quite! I agree that it is so easy to pretend you didn't eat something or that it didn't cost as many points as you KNOW it did!

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