Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cold Sunday

I'm enjoying the cold weather.  I can't stand the heat of Georgia in the summer.  Seems like summer lasts through November here.  Anyway, I bundled the kids up and went for a walk this afternoon.  2 miles!  Feeling much easier to walk fast. 

Oh and got on the scale this morning.....177 lbs!!!

I'm on my way back down folks.  


jen said...

Jen, you're inspiring me...and my youngest is SIX! Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen!
Thanks so much for your blog. I found you as I was googling WW points and pregnancy. I just found out I am pregnant (for the first time) and have my first OB appt tomorrow. I am sure we will do a blood test to confirm pg, etc. I am also a WW follower although I haven't been OP for quite some time. I am starting my pregnancy 5 lbs overweight. I was thinking of starting out by eating 30 pts a day (that includes flex and AP). I think my typical target is 21. But I always ate all flex and AP when I was on plan so I think this sounds right. What do you think? It works out to 1850 calories a day. I know I will need to add some for the second and third trimester but wanted to get your opinion for my plan now. It's so freaky how people are so scared to talk about counting points and being pg. It only makes sense. Whatever! Anyway, your reply would be greatly appreciated.

CONGRATS on your journey- you're looking great and doing awesome!

Jen (jentcu at

Jen Gordon said...


First off, congrats on your pregnancy!

I think your plan sounds right on target. And like I always said when I was pregnant- if I'm hungry, I eat. It's that simple. Otherwise, having a guide for healthy eating habits is great for pregnancy.

I don't believe you should ever try to not gain or lose weight during pregnancy, but counting points for a healthy gain is not only safe, but better for baby. Excess weight gain and poor diet leads to many complications at the end of pregnancy and can even affect childbirth.

I think around 30 pts for the first trimester is great and then adding more (roughly 300 calories more) is ideal.

Talk to your doctor about it too and get his perspective. I've found that most OBs are very supportive of WW's during pregnancy for a healthy weight gain.

Jen said...

Hey Thanks Jen! I went to the OB yesterday. I didn't spell out the whole points thing for him but I did it by calories instead. He said it looked fine. So excited- but honestly probably more nervous than excited at this point!
Thanks again!

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