Thursday, January 29, 2009

Moving and Grooving...

Things are good.  I will be using some flexies tonight since I'm having an unplanned girl's night with some friends.   Gotta reserve some points for wine!!  I had a crappy lunch day.  I ate at Target with Amelia and Shepherd had a Pizza Hut personal pan pizza and one of those nasty ready made pbj's.  It was a hypoglycemic moments and I was shaking and shoving food into my mouth to feel better.  

Here's my tracker today:

Luna bar: 4 pts
Mocha: 4 pts

Personal pan pizza: 12 pts (Amelia ate one- normally 14 pts!)
PBJ:7 pts

ff popcorn: 2 pts

Penne pasta with marinara: 7 pts

Girl's Night:
Wine allowance: 9 pts

Total: 45 pts

 (10 flexies used, 20 left)

OH and I got on the scale this morning: 175 lbs!!

1 comment:

Jo said...

Funny... I thought those moments of low blood sugar and Target food abuse were something I suffered from alone. Nice to know I have company at times!

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