Monday, January 26, 2009

Tools for success

As a doula I'm familiar with many ways to help a woman cope with labor pain.  And as a woman who just had an unmedicated water birth, I used some of those tools to get me through it.  It was the hardest thing I've done physically (though it's comparable to training for a marathon), but it was so worth it and so rewarding.  One of my favorite tools to use is Guided Imagery.  That's where (at least in childbirth) you visualize something in order to have a positive reaction in your body).  Sometimes we use the image of a rose petal opening to help a woman relax her cervical tissue and let it dilate.   I used hypnobirthing tapes that have guided imagery for weeks prior to my birth to prepare my mind and body.  I also used prayer and meditated on scripture to help me deal with fear.  All of these things helped me have a very gentle, quick waterbirth with no drugs.  

So if I had so much success with those tools for childbirth, why not use them for weightloss?  I suppose I did (unknowingly) back in 2006 when I lost 85 lbs after Amelia's birth.  I visualized myself in size 8 jeans come winter time (she was born in April).  Little did I know I'd actually get down to a size 4!  I walked through my day each morning and "rehearsed" staying OP.  I saw myself eating healthy and sticking to the plan.  I prayed a lot about my weight loss and learning to have self control.  And it worked.  

So now here I am almost 3 years later and I'm on the same journey back down.  I've got 40 lbs to shed and get rid of.  I'm going to begin this week with a new approach.  I'm going to take whatever minute amount of time I have each morning to rehearse my day.  The best time would probably be Shepherd's 7am nursing.  It's quite and I'm awake.  My goal is to see myself staying OP and enojying foods that are good for me and it being EASY!  I remember 3 years ago thinking that WWs never felt like a diet to me.  Just a way of living.   It was easy to manage my points.  I always planned for "naughty" treats with my flex and APs.  Always.  I had wine, ice cream, burgers, cheese dip, etc.  All the things I love.  Just within reason.  

So, today I will stay OP.  And I won't only stay OP, I'll enjoy it and it will be easy.  God says: "For my yoke is easy, my burden is light."  When I rely on God to help me have self control with food I actually have it!  Go figure...  My burden then is light, not heavy.  Just like my food.  J/k


Soy Mocha : 4 pts
Luna bar: 4 pts

Left over WW's Italian Post Roast (recipe found in the WW's magazine): 7 pts
Salad with ff italian: 1 pt
Apple: 1 pt

Pear: 1 pt
ff chocolate pudding: 2 pts

20 pts so far... (16 left)

Ed is making Thai Coconut Corn Soup for dinner.  I need to use the recipe builder to see how many points.  But I will figure it out and stay within my points!


Anonymous said...

The Thai Coconut soup sounds delicous! Can you post the recipe please?

Nan said...

So true!

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