Monday, January 26, 2009

Made it to a meeting!

After I posted this morning I realized it was Monday and that I might be able to make my old meeting for the first time in a year.  I did!  I saw my favorite leader and it was so good to be there.  I always benefit so much from meetings.  And a good leader makes ALL the difference.  I'm very excited to see how much I lose this week.  

A goal this week for me is to not just eat my Flex points because they are there.  My goal is to plan a treat and use them wisely.  I lost all my weight two years ago eating all my daily, APs and Flex.  But my leader reminded me that if I keep the Flex points at bay as much as I can (except use them if I really want a treat) that I'll see faster weight loss.  And I want to see the 160's soon!

For those wanting the Thai Coconut Soup recipe, here it is.  

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