Thursday, February 19, 2009

Don't let two days pass..

Ever since I started exercising two years ago I've always had a rule that I would never let two days go by without exercise.  Today is the day I need some cardio.  I checked out the Y schedule and see there is a Cardio Funk class at 6:30pm.  Oh.  Man.  I haven't been to Cardio Funk for a year I think.  It would be fun to shake my booty.  But that time is right in the middle of our dinner/bedtime routine at home.   So, it looks like I might just hop on the treadmill and do a sincere timed run or do an outside run.  Either way I need to up the cardio.  I need some fat burning!  

I got on the scale last night before bed and it said 178.  I freaked.  FREAKED.  I've been 100% OP and then saw that!  Luckily I talked myself down and realized I hadn't had much water and hoped it was water retention.  I was right.  174 lbs this morning.  Phew...

Here's my tracker today:

Cream of wheat (Ed made it so it's got the "good stuff" -butter and milk): 6 pts
Grande Mocha: 4 pts

Willy's burrito with only chicken, blk beans, lettuce salsa and a little cheese: 10 pts
Chips/salsa: 6 pts (error on the safe side)

Unless Ed gets inspired it'll probably be quesadilla's for the kids and a Lean Cuisine with a fresh veggie for me:  So roughly 7 pts

33 pts !

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