Saturday, February 14, 2009

Back in town

Hey there friends (and people who read my blog and I'll never know...or maybe I already suspect)!

I'm back in town and back to the old grind.  Been OP faithfully for two straight days and feeling good.  I made it to a Step class this morning and MAN it kicked my arse!  I don't know how I did that 8 months pregnant.  But I feel more out of shape now.  And I have to say seeing myself in that giant mirror was NOT fun.  But, sobering enough for me to stick to the program.  I got on the scale and it said 175 lbs.  So 1 lb up after my "Boone is for Big Butt" week.  Not too shabby considering what it could have been.  

Moving forward...

I went to the library yesterday and they had a book sale.  I got the book "Making the Connection" by Oprah and that Bob Greene guy.  For $1 I figured it would  be a good book to have.  I thumbed through it and saw some pretty good stuff.  Of course, I'm currently being devoured by the Twilight book.  Reading it every chance I get.  Man....I swore I wouldn't read that book series....


Anyway, I'm really wanting to work on myself and why I am so prone toward emotional eating.  I'm good at seeing a challenge and accomplishing it, but I'm not good at getting to root issues.  And this time around I think I need to dig a little deeper.  Especially since my life is sort of at an all time high stress level due to new baby, lack of sleep, financial stress with the economy and such and just a general feeling of anxiety.  All this, of course, is a perfect cocktail for NOT losing weight.  Perfect excuses if I do say so myself.  But since I'm done with excuses, I need to work on ME.  So that's where I'm at.  

I do feel like I need cardio more than I'm getting.  Not only for the fat burning benefits, but also for mental benefits- endorphins.   It's just a matter of getting creative and finding that window of time.  But I gotta do it.  

Okay, I gotta run.  It's Valentine's Day and I've already allotted my wine points for tonight after the kids are in bed.  Ed and I are going to have a low key movie night!

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