Thursday, September 16, 2010

Act Your Way Into Feeling

You can act your way into feeling.  
But you cannot feel your way into acting.

Sometimes you have to fake til you make it.  When the cycle of out of control eating, thinking, spending takes over, and you feel stuck in it and unable to get out- it's time to reframe.  It's time to be the skinny person.  To be the active. To be the calm person.  To be the person in control of their finances.  The person that's in there, but stuck in the tornado.  

Beating yourself sometimes feels good.  Feels like you're paying the price.  Feels like you're punishing your way into better being.  But it's never works.  It only produces more of the same thing.

Act your way into feeing.  Into feeling like you don't want to binge.  Or  don't want to get lost in anxiety.  Or don't need to spend.  Compulsion is escape.  And there's nothing you have to escape from.  The greatest fear is in the anticipation.

Waiting until you feel like making better choices won't work.  Waiting until you feel like a skinny person will not make you skinny.  Waiting until you feel like running will not make you active. Waiting until you feel like you're content will not breed contentment.

Act.  Act.  Act.  Feelings, like the encore of your favorite band, will follow and blow you away.

Fake it til you make it baby!

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