Monday, September 20, 2010

Fit Whattin?


Yes.  Because every time you add an in' to a verb- it makes it nonassumming, fun, casual and cool as a cucumber.   Just like bloggin'.

"Hey honey!  What am I doin'? Oh, nothin'.  Just bloggin.'"



I really really want to go to the Fitbloggin 11'.  Like, really.  Not only because I blog about fitness (but mostly about the deep meaning of life mixed with coffee and an occasional fart joke).  No- I'm more motivated to  meet the sweet faces of so many fit bloggers I've come to know.  Or stalk.  Whatever, it's cool. They are cool.  They are funny.  And they are fit.

AND...if that weren't motivation enough- you can enter to win a ticket here. 

There's my plug.


Elisabeth @ said...

You kind of have to come to Fitbloggin'. I need you.

Jen Gordon said...


Will you bring me a cupcake?

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