Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thanksgiving Challenge Numero Uno!

Today is just one of the Thanksgiving celebrations I'll be attending in the next week. *deep breaths* I've resorted to my best tool: plan, plan, plan!

It's 11:30am and the dinner is at 1pm. My Grandma asked me to bring something so I made a point friendly broccoli casserole ( 1/2 a cup of broccoli casserole is only 3 pts! So, that's one item on my plate that I know I have the point value of. I kept breakfast lite. 1 tall non fat, no whip mocha with a WW's mini cake (4 pts total). Here's what my Thanksgiving plate is going to be:

1/2 cup stuffing/dressing: 4 pts
1/2 cup broccoli casserole: 3 pts
Small slice of turkey: 2 pts
Cranberry sauce (just a dab): 1 pt
Small slice of pumpkin pie: 5 pts

My breakfast, plus my planned Thanksgiving plate and pie leaves me with only 1 pt for the day! Luckily I have 12 Flexies. However, I really need to keep dinner low in points. Maybe a Progresso soup or something. If I can earn some APs, even better. I may have a date with the treadmill once the kids are in bed tonight.

I WILL have a successful day today!!! :)

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