Thursday, February 26, 2009

Today was fast paced.

I woke up, got the older kids dressed for school.  Got the little one on the boob.  Got myself dressed and got out the door.  I should buy a bulk supply of my Caramel Nut Brownie Luna bars that I love so much for breakfast because I never have time to sit down and eat.  And I did not eat today until lunch.  Unless you count a mocha, which I do.  So anyway, today was all over the place.  

No activity points earned.  But I had planned to take a break today.  Tomorrow I plan to do my usual 4 mile walk.   Saturday I want to make it to a Step class again.  God how I wish I could goto the YMCA during the day and take all the classes I love.  I just don't think Shepherd can wing it yet.  He's a bit high maintenance and it seems like the only babies I see in the Y nursery are like blobs that just sit and stare.  And my little man child needs extra TLC to be happy.  Would it kill the nursery workers to do anything extra besides put them in swings?  Ugh.  But he will be 12 weeks tomorrow which is the age they say you can bring them.  It's worth a try I suppose.  The worst that can happen would be that they come get me.  I guess I could take a few weeks to just get him used to it and expect to never really finish a class.

Anyway, I've had an emotional week.  But what else is new?  I'm proud to say I haven't let it translate into my eating habits, which is a big battle for me.  Like I've said here before, life is stressful and if that's an excuse to blow the plan, then expect to never stay on plan.

Here's my tracker:

Venti Mocha: 4 pts (didn't finish it)

Turkey and cheese on wheat: 9 pts
Risotto with broccoli: 4 pts
Small square of brownie: 3 pts

Apple: 1 pt

Mint Split Pea Soup: 5 pts
Bread, bread and more bread for dippin: 8 pts

Total: 34 pts

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