Sunday, April 26, 2009

I'm plain brain dead

My brain has nothing to offer lately. That's why I've not been writing a lot. Just have nothing to say. Have those days/weeks?

Anyway, I've been doing great on the food/fitness front. I'm noticing that I'm eating three meals a day and one snack. That's about what my days look like. My snacks are usually at night around 9pm. That groove seems to be going well with my body and what it needs. I'm trying to remember to drink enough water. My milk supply is being a little funny and my let downs are coming slower and Shepherd does NOT like that. I think it's a lack of water. So I'm trying to be conscience of that. Can't let the Michelin Baby goes without his necessary calories!!

I'm planning to go to my Heat class tomorrow. My goal is to be able to go to that class and not feel sore the next day. But I think that'll happen a couple weeks from now. That will signify that I've actually worked up some stamina. LOL

Here's what I chowed on today:

Millet flakes (Some organic brand of corn flakes, but millet- it was on sale)
Skim milk
Banana sliced up in it

Bulgar stir fry- bulgar, shallot, garlic, green pepper, green onion, and an egg (like fried rice)
Collard greens
A piece of dark chocolate

Dinner: (our neighbors invited us over)
BBQ Pork
Cous Cous

I over did it a little bit at dinner but I did work in the garden all day and haven't felt the need for a snack (It's 10pm)- so I think it's okay.

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