Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sometimes you just have to make time

So I haven't slept for about 4 months. Even as I type that my eyes feel dry and my head wants a pillow. I've felt like I've stretched my body and mind and effort about as far as I can before having some sort of break down. Well, not really. That was a bit dramatic.

All this to say- I decided I would pay a friend to watch my kids tomorrow so I can "get ready for Amelia's birthday." Well, that is true. But then about 20 mins after I confirmed she could come I called Natural Body Spa and booked a massaged. I felt like I was playing hookie. But my GOD I cannot tell you how badly I need a massage. I feel like I need some nurturing. When you're the primary "nurturer," it's easy to let months slip by before you realize you haven't felt taken care of in a while. 11:15 am tomorrow I'm going to slip out and be nurtured. I figure I'll bake my cake tomorrow morning, get the massage, then come back and ice it. (It's a high maintenance Barbie Doll cake). Then I'll get to see my sweet Millie's face when she blows out the candles Saturday. And I'll be a relaxed, happy mommy because I took some time to get a massage!

Food front is good. I'm going out to eat with a friend tonight. Uninterrupted conversations are the best!

Tracker so far:
RF coffee cake from Starbuck's

Willy's Salad (ate about half)


Gonna have a taco and a margarita!


candace said...

good for you!
A little bit goes a LONG way.

Amanda said...

Good for you! You deserve it. I have to hand it to stay at home mom's--I love being a mommy but I am not sure I could do the SAHM thing. I thought for sure you were going to say you got your sitter then you were planning on taking a nice long nap in the afternoon while the kids were away! :) A massage is just as good, IMO!!

Jennifer said...

I think I had the best massage I've ever had yesterday afternoon. It was SO worth it. When I was in the ER last night with Wyatt at 2am, I was thanking God that I had at least had a massage that day.
You definitely deserve it. Besides...everyone knows you can't ice a cake until it's completely cool.

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