Monday, April 20, 2009

Mother of Mercy I'm a glutton for punishment




So I finally got to the YMCA today and was determined to take my long lost Heat class. Last time I took it- I was about 4 months pregnant. I know...I was a super star.

Not today.

There was a wait in the infant childcare, so I just waited and waited and luckily missed a few sprints up the hill and was hoping the rest would take place in the fitness room. Not so much. An opening came up and off I went outside where the class was starting yet another round of sprints up hill. Then for our "break" we did lunges up hill. Then sprints. Then skipped (yes, skipped) up hill. Then lunges again. Then after I felt like I was going to cough up blood, we finally went inside for the ab routine.

*cough, hack, cough*

I have to say I'm so proud of myself for jumping in. Even though I was DEAD LAST up every hill sprint, I followed through. I'm going to go again. Depending on how my night goes tonight I may try to make the 6am class tomorrow. It's really an ideal time for me as Shepherd wakes for a feed around 4 or 5am and then sleep til 8am. I remember when I used to go all the time - up at 5:45am and back by 7:15am.

Wow. I was a super star.....

Still 166 lbs. Which is fine. I'm learning so much about my relationship with food. I tend to have a very passionately love affair with it. It makes me feel good, free, happy. But not really. Cause about 10 mins after I over eat I feel like shit. So learning about my body and it's hunger cues and how to respect that has been a very powerful thing for me. And after a month of eating whatever I want (mostly chocolate), I'm feel a bit of a nudge to start focusing on some more nutritious foods. I think it was good to get the chocolate out of my system. Make friends with it again, realized that it's not bad. But I'm wanting to start getting creative in the kitchen again and make some meals that involve more fresh choices.

Here's what's for dinner tonight at the Gordon house:

Zucchini Pizza Bake (Katherine's recipe)- bascially you slice zucchini, dust with some flour, lightly fry (mostly sautee with a little spray) and layer them in a baking dish. Then slice fresh tomatoes over top. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Then take am 8oz thing of sour cream and add some oregano. Spread that on top. Then sprink some shredded parmesean cheese. Bake at 350 until brown and bubbly.

Falafel (Jenny's recipe-she's made this for me twice and I'm in love) Falafel is just chickpeas with some extra love from garlic, shallots and seasoning. With a yummy yogurt dip. Very good!

Ed and I have signed up to get a CSA box this wednesday. We're very excited about it! Fresh produce! Ed also got a pasta maker. (I know- he's crazy) But he made the best whole wheat pasta the other night. It tasted so fresh and smooth. I love that he's into cooking. And he's into totally different things that I am, so it's nice.

Okay, I'm going to try to get a bath in before my older kids come home and my baby is napping!


Melanie said...

Yay for CSA! Thats the same one I'm doing! Its still going well for us except that morning sickness is slowly making its presence more known, so I'm not feeling too up to cooking at the moment... I need to stay motivated!

Did you check out my blog yet with the foods I had made? I might go look at it again to get inspired for tonight...
Good luck with the CSA!

Jen Gordon said...

Mel- I did look at your blog for food ideas! Loved the orzo dish. Going to make that for sure.

Susan said...

Great job getting back to your Heat class. You should be very proud of yourself for jumping in after it started. Most would have just said forget it and moved on!


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