Thursday, April 02, 2009

We're getting on a plane!

Tomorrow the kids and I are getting on a plane and flying to Raleigh to see my mom.  We usually go to the mountain house in Boone, but it's been a while since we've been to her "house" house.  She lives on a lot of land and the kids can literally run wild, which is nice.  We're going to lounge around and just "be."  My mom is still recovering from getting her lap band removed (which was eroding into her stomach).  So I'm there to keep her company and help out.  She informed me she bought the first two seasons of 30 Rock.  I informed her we will be watching it 24/7.  

I love that show...

My husband says I remind him of Liz Lemon.  1- with my food obsession.  2-with my one liners and weird words for things.  Liz's "curse word language" is right up my ally.  


Anyway- my obsession with food is slowly diminishing.  I'm not longer cravings things and trying to resist them.  Instead I'm uneventfully thinking of what I want to eat and then eating it.  Tonight I made homemade lasagna with ground beef, onions, marinara sauce and mushrooms. Topped with full fat mozzarella and parmesan.  I served it with a caesar salad with buttery, texas style croutons and a crusty roll.  It was so good.  I ended up leaving 1/4 of my slice of lasagna and most of the roll.  Salad was devoured!

Here's my tracker:

Two slices toast with butter and jam
Two pieces bacon


Burrito Supreme from Taco Bell

Some grapes
Some sweet tarts
A mini pie thing my grandma gave me


I'll be off and on line over the week.  I'll try to post!


~heather said...

i'm so proud of you, jen. you are beautiful and you always have been.
have fun on your trip!

Acacia Leigh said...

Um, yeah. Definitely love me some 30 Rock. 'I want to go to there.' Hope you have fun with your mama!

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