Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Turbo Ass Kicker

I went to the Turbo Kick class at the Y. Once again I proved that I used to be a super star- as that class was "great" when I last took it. Now the class has evolved to a resounding: "Holy mother of God I think I'm going to die!"

But I did it.

Getting back in the groove and LOVING being able to get back into my normal fitness routine!


Jen said...

You go!

Susan said...

You won't die...you just won't be able to walk tomorrow!!

Congrats on getting back on track with your fitness.


Ms. Attitude said...

This sounds a lot like me! I used to be in amazing shape, but now, not so much. (although, I just got lazy, I don't have any kids). I found your blog through Lipgloss Lounge and I can't wait to read more.

Jen Gordon said...

Ms. Attitude- thanks for reading. :)

BTW- what is Lipgloss Lounge???

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