Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Heys Ya'll!

Okay, that title was weird. But I typed that before I really thought about typing that. Guess that makes me southern, even though it's been established that I don't have a southern accent.

Moving on..

Today was a break day. No activity. That was nice. Instead I lounged around the house in the morning and took a nap during the baby's first nap. When I woke I had a caffeine head ache. Must. Get. Starbucks. So I did. Then I went grocery shopping. I was determined to make hummus and make it well. I love the farmer's market hummus, but it's expensive and too far for me to drive to get. And I think I pulled it off! Very garlicky and very tahini-y. Loved it!

Here's my tracker for today:

Spelt Flakes with skim


"Power Plate" from Starbucks (mini whole wheat bagel, peanut butter, hard boiled egg, two slices of cheese, grapes and apple slices)

Oat bran muffin (homemade)
Carrots and hummus

Avacado and tomato sandwich on toasted Ezekiel bread. (Very good)
Roasted asparagus with creamy balsamic dip (mayo, balsamic vinegar and pepper- thanks Jen!)

Small square of dark chocolate

Maybe, just maybe I'll wake up early for Heat class. But I'm not promising anything....

1 comment:

Nan said...

It seems as though you have made peace with chocolate! Good for you!!!

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