Saturday, May 02, 2009

Productivity on crack

That's been me lately. I've been obsessively cleaning out stuff. It all started with my closet.

Then my frig.

Then my laundry room.

Then my utility closet downstairs.

Then the baby room.

Then the older kid's room.

Then my garage.

I'm on a roll. I get a high, a true high, when I get stuff organized. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Like that episode from 30 Rock where Liz Lemon has two full bags from the Container Store and glows with the thought of life changing possibilities.

Mmm.....Container Store.....

What was I saying? Oh yeah, Ed installed hooks in our garage. I'm excited to get some shelves up (that have been sitting there, ready to put up for months) so I can get all the outside toys up and off the floor. I want my garage to look like Jon and Kate's (Plus 8) garage (minus the crazy, controlling woman).

Food front is going good. Focusing on portion sizes. Keeping it fresh. Haven't worked out since Tuesday. But I've definitely burned calories with all my work. :)

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Linda said...

Getting things organized and in place are the best feelings in the world!! Okay well not the best, but some of the best. With this new baby coming in September, I am going to start doing the same thing pretty soon. I am excited about it too! But first up, potty training my almost 2 yr old. UGH!

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