Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Today I woke up and swiftly drove to Pike Nursery to get some plants for the front yard and begin my day of yard work. Yes, I like to get dirty and work in my yard for fun. It was the perfect Mother's Day gift. No interruptions from the kids (unless they wanted to be my helpers, which they did periodically). I think I burned 1000 calories. I sweat all day. I cleaned out my day lily beds, divided them up and transplanted some in the front fence. Pulled an unbelievable amount of weeds in all the flower beds. Planted a climbing rose bush along our fence. Created a new bed in one of the corners with some plants and some sunflower seeds. Planted some rosemary around the mailbox (I love rosemary- I put it everywhere). And bagged all the muck up and put it out by the curb. Phew!

I also got a new Flip camera! So, I thought I'd leave you with a little video of my daughter.....


Jen said...

I love to get dirty and plant too!
The video was just TOO cute! "What is your name?" LOL

Susan said...

That was so funny...I laughed out loud and both of my kids came over to see what I was watching.

Kids are priceless!

Happy Mother's Day.

Lora said...

that video is so adorable!

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