Thursday, May 21, 2009

Down 5 lbs!

I'm considering bulimia as an effective tool to get to goal. 

I kid.

So we made the drive out to Boone and then the stomach bug hit us.  Fischer puked 30 mins from our destination in the car.  Then several more times when we got there.  Poor kid had a bowl in his lap until bed time.  Then around 9pm Ed puked.   Around 11pm I puked my brains out.  Then around 1am the baby woke to nurse and about 5 mins into nursing him I had to toss him back in the crib and run to the bathroom.  Then on the way back from the bathroom I felt like I was going to pass out.  And I did.  And the rest of the night was a blur of nursing the baby and having a fever.  Not fun.  

But, on the upside- I got on the scale and it said 160 lbs!  LOL


Nan said...

There's one way to do it! Feel better soon!

Jeffiner said...

I was momentarily very jealous...and then not so much! LOL Feel better!

Susan said...

My most favorite quote ever heard:

"I'm one good stomach bug away from my goal weight!"

I find it funny and I say it all the time.

Hope you are feeling better soon. Congrats on the weight in...even though you had to suffer to get there.

Upstate New York

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