Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day 1 of Boot Camp

Phew!  I was worried I wasn't making it hard enough.  But I did!  It's interesting how hard you push yourself when you're the one leading something.  It was great.  Some gals from our church came out and we kicked butt for a solid hour.  

Here's what we did:

Warm up: run around block (1/2 mile)

Sprints down a hill and up the other side- three times
Lunges around perimeter of tennis courts (10 push ups in each corner)
Toe taps for 3 mins (with squats in the 30 second break in between) (OWWWWWW!)
Tricep dips
Biceps, lateral, shoulders with bands
Circuit with agility ladder, crabby walks, and inch worm (no, not the break dancing move), then ANOTHER sprint down, up, down up hill

Abs (crunches and planks)

It was a big challenge my hair was completely soaked in sweat.  SOAKED.  I was dripping.  But I loved it!  I can't wait for tomorrow morning!  I think it's going to be the "thing" I've needed to get my fitness back on track.  Consistent, close and time is right.  


I'll take some pics tomorrow of the girls working hard and post them.


Jeffiner said...

Wow! And I thought 30-day shred was tough!

Acacia Leigh said...

wow! I was really thinking I wanted to try and make it out to one of these after talking to you on Tuesday, but after reading this-I don't think I could have finished the exercise! You go, girls!

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