Sunday, May 03, 2009

I'm ready to come back

So for 2 months now I've been flying by the seat of my pants.  Listening to my  hunger cues, losing weight, holding steady, etc.  I needed to walk away from Weight Watchers for a while to figure out how to just "be" as far as eating goes.  I was so sleep deprived (still am) and the idea of figuring (though I have most every food item memorized) out another point nearly made me want to scream.  I'm so grateful I quit.  I'm so grateful I learned a lot about why I eat when I'm not hungry and why I feel the need to go back for seconds when my muffin top is about to rip my jeans wide open.  I learned invaluable tools that are going to take me all the way to my goal.  


I do feel like it's time for me to pick up my old notebook and write down my points again.  It just something I need to do.  It feels like it's the right time.  I knew I'd probably come back to WW's, but I needed to sort of find myself and my determination again before I tried to implement a "plan."  Sort of like like riding a bike with training wheels in a race.  I didn't have the gusto to push myself forward.  But now I do.  And though I did lose weight (10 lbs, thank you!) not dieting, I do feel WW's can help me get some new balls rolling (that's what she said).  

So, here I am- counting points again.  I'm actually excited.  I'm the type of person that loves change.  When you get bored, change it up.  That's always been my solution to life in general.  

I've got some great new recipes I'm going to try this week.  I'll track them down and post them for you here soon!


Susan said...

Good luck Jen. I myself am a WW junkie and I swear by it, but every once in a while you need to walk away. Your new found hunger cues will aid you with WW too because you'll know when to stop and when you need to eat. That alone is one of the biggest challenges for most of us.

Enjoy your re-aquaintance with WW...I bet it missed you as much as you missed it! ;)

Upstate New York

proudmama said...

Congrats Jen on your newest addition as well as your weight loss. So I have to ask, after reading your post on Weight Watchers which I just recently rejoined after having our 2nd child, how did you initially loose that 85 lbs on the nursing moms program?

Any helpful tips, hints or advice would be much appreciated. I myself have about 70 lbs that I want to loose and I am finding it so difficult to even get started. Our 2nd daughter is about 3 months old now, finally sleeping through the night, but between feeling totally exhausted, poor habits and a horrible sweet tooth I have managed to blow my first 2 days back on the plan.

Also how did you follow the nursing moms plan and exercise while nursing so not to impact your milk supply but have the greatest results?

Sorry for the long post. I'm obviously an over tired, frustrated, new mama who is just looking for some help and encouragement.

Jen Gordon said...

Proudmama-the only thing I did when I lost 85 lbs was following WW's program to a T. That's it. Nothing extra, not even exercise at first. If I followed it religiously- I lost. And it was sooooo worth it!

I can relate on the sleep front. My 5 month old son is still not sleeping through the night. And when I say that- I mean- every three hours he wants to eat. But I'm working on helping him sleep better this week.

Anyway- I can sympathize on the "exhaustion" level, if I let that be an excuse, it will sabotage all my efforts. So it can't be. All I can say is plan, plan and plan. Figure out what you're really craving and make meals ahead. Figure your points and write down everything you eat every day. (Including eating too much). Plan treats and use your flex!

proudmama said...

Jen-thanks for the pointers. I guess I just need to find that proverbial kick in the butt (or goal :) to set for myself because so far I have been great at setting goals for myself that will ultimately make me fail. I too need to pray more about giving over my food issues. Because Lord knows that I don't have the strength to control them on my own. Any particular passages that you found helpful during your journey pertaining the issue of staying dedicated and focused?

Well... here's to starting back again and hopefully some weight loss in the meantime.

proudmama said...

Jen-thanks for the input. I pray that this time around I can actually make it different and do it because I definitely don't feel like I live up to being the best mom and wife that I was created to be by being 70 lbs over weight. I need to pray more about this as well instead of trying to control it myself, which I am very good at :) Any passages that you found and focused on during your journey?

I also need to set realistic goals for myself, milestones that I can actually meet.

Well thanks again and I hope that I can keep checking in with good news.

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