Monday, May 25, 2009

Boot Camp

So you all know how much I love my Heat classes.  It's a Boot Camp style class that challenges you and makes you hurt a lot.  But then once you finish, you feel so good.  And then if you keep going, you eventually get addicted.  My problem with getting to those classes are the times and childcare.  It just felt like I had to really work my day around it to make it work.  

So then I considered Operation Boot Camp.  But at $350 a month, I could own another Odyssey. Plus, I'd have to get up early AND drive somewhere.  Just not practical for my life at this moment.

So, I had an epiphany.  Why don't I just start a Boot Camp?  I know plenty of ladies that would be up for it and I've been going to the Heat classes for two years.  I know how to put the exercises together and Lord knows I'm bossy.    So, that's what I did!   My friend Karyn said she'd help and we started a Boot Camp for the ladies from our church.  And the best part is that it's going to meet in a park in my neighborhood!  Granted, it's at the butt crack of dawn, but I think that's the best time to get it in anyway.  I can walk to it and be back in time for man child to hook back on the boob.  :)

So, that's my new fitness plan.  Monday through Friday!  I'm hoping this will help me break the 160's.  And there's just something about boot camp style stuff that makes me feel young again.  Reminds me of being an athlete and challenging myself.  


Linda said...

Wow! Good luck with that! I hope that everything goes well. And kudos to you for starting a boot camp! That will be such good motivation for you and so many others.

Monica DiCristina said...

Aaaah. I feel like you felt last summer about softball...missing out while I bake this baby....I hope it is a raging success and I can join in soon!

Anonymous said...

That's great Jenn! I wish I could be part of your bootcamp!


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