Friday, May 29, 2009


I.  Can't.  Move.

Man, today's boot camp kicked my butt.  Shepherd is teething and up often during the night (like 7-8 times!!!).  Last night was an all night teething fest.  The poor kid is just drooling and gnawing on any and everything.  Poor guy.  So it didn't help when the alarm went off at 5:30am this morning.  And today was Friday....the hard day.  The day we decided to "push it" since we'll have two days off.  But, nonetheless, I showed up.  Thankfully Katherine (my partner in crime) was extra peppy and doing lots of yelling and pushing.  I pushed myself as hard as I possibly could given the circumstances of my lack of sleep.  It was hard.  Here I was telling everyone to push themselves and give more than they think they can and felt like I wanted to puke and fall over.  LOL But I'm glad I did it.  No excuses.  If it had been a gym class, I know I would have bailed.  But knowing that those other girls are counting on me (as I am them) makes me wake up.  

I'm getting stronger.  I can't wait until it's been a month or too and I can see noticeable difference in my strength and stamina. 

But, despite having a hard morning due to lack of sleep, I do feel generally good about getting up early.  It's definitely setting the pace of the day and I'm noticing that I'm making better choices in regards to food.  I'm generally eating about 6 small meals a day.  Upping the protein and drinking lots of water.  

We're going back to Boone on Sunday or Monday.  Picking the older kids up and taking some of our friends (with their kids) with us.  Should be fun.  Hoping to get some runs in on the trails.  Maybe go to Grandfather Mountain.  :)


Linda said...

Awesome!!! Great job getting up and going to bootcamp!

Meghan said...

I love Grandfather Mountain. That's where Bekah Coggins was married.

And reading about your bootcamp makes me miss everyone.

I really miss you guys.

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