Tuesday, September 28, 2010

So yeah, that half marathon. And stuff...

I've lost my mojo a little with the running.  And find myself doing this at any spare occasion:

I love running.  But the past two weekends have been crazy.  So our long runs for the past two weekends have been cancelled.  But since I'm not about making excuses, I'm gonna get right back on that horse and ride!  (that's what she said)

I've got an 8 miler that is calling my name.  And I'll make her my bitch this week.

In bootcamp news I'm burning mad calories.  Averaging 650 calories per hour!  My bootcampers hate me.  I hate me.  It's hard.  But I loooooooooove the endorphins.  When you've got a case of the crazies, you gotta catch an endorphin high where you can get it.

In other related news....

Shepherd is cranked up on oral steroids from his asthma attack and he's mean.  Real mean.  Like, Whitney Housten mean.  Slaps, fits.  Crazy fits.  At 4am in the morning.  I hear steroids will make his balls small.

I've cleaned and dusted every square inch of my house this week since Shep has been home from the hospital.   And I got so into it that I think I had a cleangasm after running my dirty make up holder drawer thingies through the dishwasher.  I was like Kate Gosselin on crack.

Turns out Shepherd does like apples.  You just have to peel them.  Again, he's like Whitney Housten.

We're almost current on this season's Mad Men.  And we only started it from the beginning a month ago.  Obsess much?

I outsourced Ed to buy my maxi pads this week.  He took it like a man.

I outsourced Ed to buy me cannoli's this week.  That wasn't really hard for him.


Jenn Hartley said...

Your use of Kate Gosselin and Whitney Houston made me giggle :)

Jen Gordon said...

My dad used to go to Whitney and Bobbi's house when they lived here in Sandy Springs. He's a Lt. And would get calls of disturbances. Whitney throws wild fits. True story! :)

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