Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A little pampering never hurt a pregnant lady...

Well, once again, woken up around 3:30am with very crampy contractions. One nearly had me frozen and I couldn't move until it was over. Being on your side is no fun during contractions. Anyway, I knew it was false labor. Didn't put much weight in it. Just got up, peed (as per usual) and drank some water. Thankfully they went away much faster than last weekend. My kids had mercy on me and actually slept until 8am. So I felt pretty good. Got the kids off to school and headed to my chiropractic appt. He did his thing and I walked out feeling good. I told him if he wanted to do some "magic" that would put me in labor next week- he needs to be thinking about it. :) He laughed, but then said he had a few things up his sleeve of tricks. LOL

I then headed to my favorite nail place to use my birthday gift certificate for a mani/pedi. God it was good! THose ladies took forever just rubbing and scrubbing and I just melted. They even massaged my back while my toe nails dried! It's like a little piece of heaven opened up and poured down on me. I will have to go back again before this bambino makes his appearance.

I thought about a walk, but then decided against it since my nails were so purdy and I didn't want to put my tennis shoes back on. Priorities people.

Tomorrow I have a prenatal appt. I'm taking my daughter which always makes it interesting. She usually entertains the waiting room and then when we go back- the midwife lets her measure my belly. She feels very accomplished after leaving my prenatals.

I'm shooting for some exercise tomorrow. Whether it's outside or inside on the treadmill. Probably just a a mile or 1.5. My lower back and hips and butt is just plain shot!


Teresa Howard said...

tell your chiro no mojo next week silly- i have surgery in twelve days- come on now- and you do not want a premie or a baby who is so early she does not nurse well- come on- jenn- you must stay pregnant for a while longer silly girl!

Jen Gordon said...

OH I was kidding with him!

Besides, my body is stubborn. With Amelia I tried everything because I knew I had to be induced at 39 weeks for BP issues. Including castor oil. Nada! Well, except for some "interesting" bath room trips.

In fact, I think God meant to make me an Elephant so I can just gestate for 12 months.. But then at least I'd have a trunk to pick things up with. Bending over is about the death of me!

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