Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I miss you!!

It's been determined that my computer is officially dead. Well, the hard drive anyway. That means all my pictures. I could cry. This is NOT good. But a lesson was learned. Back up, back up, back up.

I'm doing very well on the eating front. I believe I'm still around 166 lbs, which is fine with me. I'm realizing that this time my weight is coming off slowly. But I'm trying to focus on the fact that it is coming off. I attempting several times this week to go to the YMCA with the baby (for the first time). Both times the power was out from storms here. Go figure...

Today I'm going on a long walk. I haven't been in a while and it's going to be nice. The weather is a bit chilly, but beautiful! I've got a busy weekend ahead with birthday planning for my daughter. I'm making her a "pink cake with pink icing." Yes ma'am!

I'm going to try and "blog" via my phone. We'll see. My computer gets back to me in 10 days "fixed." Thankfully my warranty covers it. Right now I'm borrowing computers here and there to check things.

I'll post tracker later!

1 comment:

Susan said...


When my computer "died" the repair guy was able to get all my pictures off of it. Hopefully they can do the same for you!


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