Sunday, March 11, 2007

Finished my second 5K in 29:01!!!!!! It was a nice run. There was one subtle hill that seemed to go on and on, but I conquered it. I ran the whole time, no walk breaks! :)

I've been busy, but strictly OP the last few days. I've already started sketching out my tattoo that I'm getting when I reach goal! I'm so excited about it. I'll post pics when I actually get it. In the mean time I'll hold you all in suspense.

Today's agenda includes showering (LOL) and a visit to my in laws which will be nice and relaxing. The kids love their "Noni" and "Pops."

I'll post a race pic when they're uploaded!

Have a good Sunday!

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yeahwright said...

Congrats on the run. I probably mentioned before, but blogs like your are what is making me start running as soon as I get some shoes. Got "Complete Book of Running for Women", and am almost ready. Keep up the good work! Our stats are pretty same as far as right now. I am at about 140, struggling to get to goal, 135.

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