Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Meal Planning.....

I've decided to be a litte more proactive about planning my meals. That worked really well for me in the beginning of this journey, so I'm resurrecting that approach. We're eating in a lot more these days to save some cash, so this should be relatively easy to plan.

So, here's my tracker for today:

PBJ= 3pts
Latte= 2pts

Kashi Meal= 4 pts
Roll: 1 pts

Apple= 1pt
string cheese: 2 pts

Rotisserie "crockpot" chicken: 3pts
Wild rice: 3 pts
Spicy black beans: 2 pts

WW muffin; 3 pts

Total: 23 pts

I plan to run 3 miles, so that will bring my points down to 21....I'll update with final points.

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