Tuesday, March 13, 2007

If you see a Girl Scout around, please smack her.

Ugh.... I went to visit my grandma today with the kids and while I love seeing her, I know I have to dodge offers of sweets all day long. I should have taken my points calculator, along with my daily tracker, but I forgot. Nonetheless, I'm posting my daily tracker so I can face the music. I ate every one of my flex points for the week and it's only Tuesday. How pitiful is that? But, on the upside, I can still have a successful week if I stay under my daily allowance. It doesn't have to be a disastrous week. :)

My main challenge will be a breakfast I'm going to on Saturday to the Flyn' Biscuit where they have these amazing biscuits and grits! So I'm going to have to really plan and earn some APs to have some good food.

Daily Tracker:

Fiber One bar: 3 pts

Turkey and Cheese Sandwich: 4 pts
Lite Ruffles Chips:4 pts
4 baby sweet pickles: 2 pts
Waldorf Salad: 4 pts

Snack fest 2007:
4 Thin Mints: 3 pts
6 Samoas: 9 pts

Spaghetti with meat sauce: 5 pts
3 (yes THREE) pcs of garlic bread: 15 pts (if I had known it was 5 pts a slice I would have passed LOL)
salad: 3pts

Total:52 pts!!!!
Flex used: 32 pts
Aps earned: 0 pts

I ended up staying at my grandma's longer than I had planned and got home too late to run. Tomorrow I'm running during Amelia's nap!!! That's a promise!

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