Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Today was a non tracking day as far as food is concerned. I had a birthday breakfast and tried my best to choose wisely. I was so full from breakfast that I didn't really eat all day long until 5 pm. Then I had a cheese sandwich. I spent most the day packing up books and clutter for our move next month. Everyone makes fun of me because I jump the gun on everything, but at least I get it done right? RIGHT! lol All that to say, I've been moving around all day and just trying to make the best of a day that got away from me point wise. Good news is that I didn't binge, just didn't track. I'm right back on it tomorrow!

Never made it to weigh in this week. But I'm not too worried because my scale has me with a good loss. I'll be sure to get back to my usual weigh in on Monday. We'll see what my official loss is...

Here's my "guess" Dailly Tracker:

Scrambled egg whites
2 chicken sausage
2 biscuits
1 small bowl grits
coffee galore


Cheese sandwich

Water, water, water...

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