Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Okay, here's my tracker. We had a double date with some friends. The plan was to get wings at Buffalo's Cafe and then go bowling. Unfotunately the bowling place was packed with leagues. :( So we ended up going to a local bar and playing some pool. :) But I was good at dinner and ordered a salad that was actualy quite good! I have one of Ed's wings. :)

Daily Tracker: Tuesday March 27th

Special K bar: 2 pts

Mid-Morning Snack:
PBJ=3 pts

French Onion Soup=2pts
1oz mozzerella cheese (part skim)= 2pts
2 rolls: 2pts
pretzels: 1 pts

Orange: 1pt
Special K Bar: 2 pts

Fajita Salad: 10 pts
Sour Cream: 2 pts
1 wing: 2 pts
16 oz Newcastle on draft (heavenly)= 4 pts

After dinner drink:
Rum drink: 2 pts

Total points: 36 pts
Flex used: 14 pts
APs earned: 0 pts

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