Thursday, March 29, 2007

Today was nice. I took the kids to meet my dad for lunch at Roasters. Got roasted chicken breast, green beans and a sweet potato. I was good! Then.....I went to Trader Joes. Oh. My. God! I love that place. Coolest stuff ever! Love, love, love it. Really point friendly, creative, prepared meals. Anyway, Ed's at a hockey game tonight and I'm with the kids solo. Just got them bathed and Amelia to bed. Fischer is now watching Spongebob Squarepants... :)

Here's my tracker:

Oatmeal: 2 pts
Apple: 1 pts

Chicken: 3 pts
Sweet Potatoe: 3 pts
green beans (with butter): 2 pts

FF cottage cheese: 1 pt
Mango slices: 1 pt

Romaine (o pts) topped with:
1/4 cup black beans: 1 pt
A little chicken breast:2 pts
Asparagus: 0 pts
Tomatos: 0 pts
Cilantro dressing (Trader Joe's brand): 2 pts
Pita chips: 2 pts

I ran 3 miles right before dinner, so that gives me 3 APs

Total: 20 pts
Flex used: 0 pts
AP's earned: 3 pts

I think I'll have another snack later. I'll keep it under 5.

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