Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Size 4! Yeah, that's right, size FOUR! I'm so thrilled. I went to The Gap last night with a friend because I had a feeling I might get into a 4 and I needed something to spur me on to goal. I got into a 4 in three different pairs of jeans! That makes me officially a 4, right? LOL

The past few days have been good, balanced days as far as eating goes. Sorry I haven't posted my daily trackers. I'll try to get them on as soon as I can.

Here's today's so far (dinner is up in the air).

Special K bar= 2pts

Pita chips=4pts
Carrots= 0pts
Grapes= 1 pt

WW muffin= 3pts
Grapes= 1pt

Dinner: ? (9 pts worth of something)

I plan on running after Ed gets off of work. 3 miles baby!

1 comment:

candasis said...

Size 4! Awesome!

Keep it up!

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