Friday, October 26, 2007

Birthday festivities has kept me from posting the last two days...

Fischer and I had our birthday yesterday. It was fun. Yesterday was more for Fischer than me. (I'll celebrate Saturday) We ran errands all day, had lunch and then got dressed up for his little Kangzoom/Spider Man party. I had a piece of pizza there and a couple bites of cake. Then we came home, got the kiddos to bed and I went out for drinks with Monica. 2 Vodka-Diet Cokes. 4 pts. :) You'd be so proud of me. I soooooo wanted to order an appetizer. I ate that piece of pizza at 5:30pm. By the time I got out for drink with Monica I was 8pm. So, I had built up an appetite. But still- I exercised self discipline. I just kept focusing on my birthday dinner Saturday night and all the food I'd like to have then. :)

Today has been busy already. I got Fischer ready to go to school and thought: "is there something I'm forgetting?" Then got out the door. When I pulled up for carpool I immediately knew what I forgot! DRESS UP DAY!!!!! Shit! Shit! Shit!!!!! Hi, I"m a loser mom. I look at Fischer who is just now noticing everyone in costumes. I told him I was going to grab his Spider Man costume and I would be right back. I dropped him off, ran to Target, ran IN Target with Amelia in my hip. Of course the Halloween section is the furthest possible points from the entrance. Boy I earned some activity points! I was in and out in 2 mins! Luckily I saw my friend Karyn with her son who was going to the school. She took the costume for me. Phew!

So, after THAT Amelia and I go to Whole Foods to get some VitaMuffins. I can't find them anywhere else and they're only 1 pt per muffin. I'm such a muffin person in the AM, so it's nice to have some low point stuff. We picked up a strawberry cake for our family celebration at our house tonight. I'm having my parents and Ed's parents over for our birthday celebration. I'm putting a lasagna in the oven and serving salad and garlic bread to go along. I also planned for this as well.... I bought the big Stoffer's lasagna for everyone else. I also bought a small Lean Cuisine lasagna for me. I'll cook it all together and throw my lasagna on a plate and no one will no I'm eating something "special." :) I'm going to skip the cake and have a Slim-a-Bear (like Klondikes, but low in points). That's my plan.

Here's my tracker for today. I'm going to start including a morning scale reading with my trackers...

Scale reading: 145.2 lbs

Mocha: 3 pts
Vitamuffin: 1 pts

Lean Cuisine Pot Stickers: 5 pts
Salad w/ ff Ranch: 1 pt

Lean Cuisine Lasagna: 6 pts
roll: 1 pts

Slim-A-Bear: 2 pts

Total: 19 pts (with 1 pt to spare)

I'm hoping to make it over the YMCA today for a class or a date with the treadmill. Either way the goal is to earn 3 APs. So that will allow 4 extra points for wine with my lasagna tonight!

Feeling good....

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