Monday, October 15, 2007

I'm feeling the focus return...... (well, at least in the last 12 hours I wrote you) :)

I got up, got the kids fed, clothed, washed and off we went! First stop was Jack's house (Fischer's friend and school mate). I have carpool today- so we picked little Jack up. Dropped the boys off at school and Amelia and I hit Starbucks. I raced to the bank to make a deposit and then we headed over to the YMCA. I was determined to a take a class called "Heat." The name alone scared the hell out of me and I figured- that's bound to earn me some AP's....sign me up! Left Millie in the childcare and off I went! HOLY. COW! Now I go to a Total Body class that I've always called "bootcap" on Tuesday at 4:30p. It's rough, hard, but sooooooo worth it! This HEAT class was like that, but on crack. I was most certainly in bootcamp! First we pushed the bozu's (sp??) around the track with our hands. A bozu is like an exercise ball cut in half and a hard platform is on the bottom. We pushed them and when we came to a corner on the track we had to get down and do pushups. Next lap we had to kick the bozu with with inside of our foot to work the inner thigh. This time we did squats when we got to a corner. That was just a warmup.......

NEXT, we went into the studio to start cardio circuits. There were three rows of circuits. First some was made up of steps (the steps you used in step aerobics), lined up length wise to form a giant line across the studio. We stepped off and on those all the way across the room. Next circuit was the bozu's lined up in the same way to form lily pad like things to jumped across. Third set was a "ladder" that was flat on the ground, followed by stepping blocks that functioned sort of like tires that you jump around in a real bootcamp like setting. We began with a 5 minute cardio circuit. Break. Strenth training- abs. Back to Cardio- this time for 4 mins. Break. Strength- butt. Cardio- 3 mins.....and so on until we only had a 45 sec cardio round. OH and to top it off we got to do a supported squat along the wall for 60 seconds. 60 seconds? Doesn't sound bad until you consider that you're legs are already jello and convulsing....

Tough, TOUGH workout. But I was glad I came. I'm estimating I earned 4 AP's- though maybe more. I'm only using 4. :)

The only "thing" I have that will be sort of a challenge (food wise) is my bi montly Doula Get Together tonight. Good news is that it's soup. So I think I can probably get away with a small soup portion and some bread (one small piece!!!) and stay safely within my points. :)

Here's my tracker so far:

Weight Control Oatmeal: 2 pts
Mocha: 3 pts

Chick fil A Chargrilled chicken sandwich: 5 pts
1/2 of dd's small fries: 4 pts
Large unsweet tea: 0 pts

Mystery soup

AP's earned : 4 pts

Total used so far: 14 pts (minus the 4)

10 pts to work with at dinner. :)

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