Sunday, October 21, 2007

It's Sunday and the kids and I have packed our bags and are catching our plane later. I'm trying to down play the plane ride. The plane trip is always eventful. Amelia do I say this.....a diva. She simply cannot be bothered by constrictions. She hates car rides, she hates plane just pisses her off. Now Fischer- that boy could sit in a carseat all day. Give him a chocolate milk from Starbucks and he's good to go. Different strokes for different folks.

Yesterday was fun. Earlier in the day my sister and I went to the YMCA and played raquet ball. For some reason raquet ball makes me pee in my pants every time. Not because of post baby incontinence issues (though I have to say when I work out really hard, I should probably wear Depends) But simply out of laughing my ass off. My sister and I laughed so hard while we shot the ball around like a pin ball machine. See, we suck at raquet ball really bad. What's funny is that we have to hit it and then dodge it as it comes back to get us. Both of us walked away with minor injuries. We're both fiercly competitive and think we know everything about every sport, but clearly we suck at raquet ball.

Last night we celebrated mine and Fischer's birthday. (I keep typing that and I know it's grammatically wrong) We went to a Japanese restaraunt. I got grilled shrimp, brown rice and veggies. And a big ass glass of wine. :) Then we came home and had cake . It was damn good and well worth the points! Chocolately goodness with cream cheese icing to top it off.

Lindsay and I then went to a God awful movie. I wanted to see Elizabeth: The Golden Age. Lindsay insisted on a comedy. The only comedy playing at the theatre near us was The Combacks. The cast alone was enough to make me think it couldn't be that bad. Lots of people from Best Week Ever, "Jan" from The Office, just familiar faces. Oh my God was I wrong! It was awful. So much so that Linsday walked out 1/2 way through. I was too stubborn (since I paid for the tickets) to leave. I was hoping it would get better. Not so much. It was a dumb movie with dumb sexual jokes sprinked throughout. *gag* Don't see it.

Wel, I'll be back in Atlanta tonight. Cranky, sugar laden kids in tow. (Sugar is the only thing that stops them from screaming on the plane.) It will be good to see Ed. Good to be in my own bed. Good to get back to life.

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