Wednesday, October 31, 2007


We've had a busy weekend so forgive me for not posting in a few days. I stuck to my points all last week and took a workout class or ran everyday. I felt so good (and earned APs). So far so good this week. I took a class Monday and Tuesday and rested today. Orginally I wanted to earn some APs today since it's Halloween and I knew candy would be around. But my body was telling me to rest. My little boogers were so cute in their costumes! Fischer was Spider Man and Amelia was a fairy. It could have been a train wreck of a day, but it wasn't. I did divert from my plan, but not too horribly. :) I used more flex than I wanted to, but that's okay. That's what they're for. I'll just need to get creative the rest of the week to keep my points in check.

We're going out to eat with some friends Friday for Mexican. I really want some chips/salsa and a taco. I'd like to play my cards right and earn some APs and eat lite in Friday. That way I have a hefty portion of daily allowance points, plus APs, plus my 9 flexies I have left over. See? Isn't Weight Watchers exciting??!!!

Here's my tracker:

Muffin: 1 pt
Mocha: 3 pts

Blue Corn Chips: 3 pts
Refried Beans: 2 pts
Rice Crips: 2 pts
Tabouli: 1 pt

Carrots: 0 pts (I never count carrots)
Hummus: 2 pts
Rice Crisps: 4 pts (ugh)

wine: 2 pts
Chili: 7 pts

Trick or Treating:
Two bites of snickers; 2 pts

Total: 29 pts
9 Flex Used

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