Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Deep breath in........and exhale.......

I'm in heaven. I'm at Octane, a local coffee shop about 1.5 miles from my house and I'm on my computer and doing some doula work. What is "doula work?" you might ask. Well, it's not laboring women drinking coffee here at Octane. Doula work is research, research, research. I've been through my training and my books and 35 plus births, but if I go to a birth and get stumped by something, I usually note it and then research it afterwards. So, that's what I'm doing. I've got 2 clients coming up in November. I had October off since my one October client delivered early. :)

I have a sitter day (you know, since I'm at Octane w/o kids) and I just love Tuesdays. I use it to do my prenatals, run errands and then I meet my girls for our Total Body class at the YMCA at 4:30pm. It's just nice. Then, THEN, I get to go see one of my favorite bands, no TWO of my favorite bands play tonight. Over The Rhine and Rosie Thomas. I'm going with some of my favorite girls and I'm excited to get out and enjoy some music. I'm planning to save some points for a few drinks if I can. :)

Here's my tracker:

Mocah: 3 pts
WW muffin: 3 pts

Octane Baked Tofu sandwich (cibaca bread, herb baked tofu, tomatos, greens, vinegarette): 7 pts (estimate)

Going to Total Body with is 4 APs.

I'll post an update later.

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