Friday, October 19, 2007

Day at the State Fair

So my mom was really excited to take the kids to the North Carolina State Fair. So we went yesterday. It was so freaking hot! Why is it hot in October????? Anyway, we all know that food at a fair is not the most WW friendly. I was starving when we got there and opted to get the chicken wrap (one of the few unfried things). It was pretty good. I ate a few of the kid's fries too. Then later we got cotton candy and candied apples. I ate a little of both. I figured..I was at the fair and it's not like I eat cotton candy and candied apples every day. :)

We came home in time for me to get changed and go to an aerobics class at the YMCA near here. Kicked. My. Butt. But it was good. I needed to burn off that cotton candy! I came home and then crashed. I was so tired from the day's events. But I wanted to write about it because I considered it a victory that I didn't binge on Fair Food. I mean, I had stome high point things, but I didn't over eat. And I even earned some APs. :)

Today I'm focusing on staying completely within my points (no flexies!) and getting in another workout. I need some new running shoes. It's amazing how quickly running can wear out your shoes. Most runners need to replace their shoes every 6 months. I'm on my third pair now!!! :) I'm going to go out and get some today. I just need to find a place that "fits" them to your running stance. We'll see.

Amelia is down for her morning nap and Fischer is playing with matchbox cars right now.... I'm sitting in a recliner with a quilt over me and my laptop. It's going to be hard to even get up. Much less get dressed! But I will. I promise!

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Trish said...

Love reading your blog. You are truly a great inspiration!

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