Saturday, October 06, 2007

Note to self: Chick-fil-A chicken biscuits (with grape jelly) are pretty much irresistable. *sigh*

I feel like the last few weeks have blurred together as one big "half n half." Half on program. Half off. I have excuse after excuse as to why this yields me unable to follow plan, but really it's just excuses, excuses.... I think I'm just tired and I do well all day until I'm finally alone (kids in bed) and then I want to "reward" myself. It starts with a little something like a cocoa via bar. Then I need something savory to go with the sweet....and so on. Night time is a trigger for me for sure.

And I have not been able to run or workout like I usually do, which is depressing. I've been my kid's primary caregiver for a week straight and it's just draining. Thank God things are normalizing and Ed is back in town. I really need to refocus. I do not want to gain my weight back. It's funny because I could gain 2 lbs and be convinced it's all coming back! But like my WW leader says: you got fat from weeks upon months upon years of eating badly. Don't get a two day binge throw you into the depths of despair. Pick yourself up and refocus! :)

I have a wedding to go to today. I'm looking forward to it. It's a friend that I've known since elementary school. Should be fun. :) As far as the "eating" plan. Well, I'm going to allow myself a small plate of food and one slice of cake. Maybe I'll earn some AP's dancing. :P

I'm going to take it easy today on the points an then refocus strongly tomorrow.

Monday I'll go to my meeting- though I won't weigh in for my October weigh in for a couple weeks! I need to regulate my weight!

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