Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hola from North Carolina! I'm at my mom's house visiting. The kids and I few in this morning. I'm sure I earned 2 APs on the plane ride alone. Amelia was giving me a run for my money. Back arching, squealing..... (yes- I was THAT mom and NO it's not that easy to whip them into shape with they out number you). At least they held it together until about the last 20 mins of the flight.

Anyway, I check out the the local YMCA's website. I mapquested it and I'm going to there tomorrow morning. Hopefully I can catch a class. If not, I'll do the treadmill and pick up a class schedule. I'm determined to stay active while here. Then we're going to the State Fair. Oh joy! For some reason I absolutely dread things like this with kids. Stresses me out. Amelia is 18 months and literally wants to run around everywhere. She's not a huge fan of the stroler either- so we'll see how this goes. :)

Well, here's my tracker... Pretty "ok" for not having a lot of control over my meals today.

Mocha: 3 pts
crumb cake: 7pts
cracker: 1 pt (airplane)

chili: 5 pts
crackers: 2 pts

chili: 5 pts
crackers: 2 pts

apple: 1 pt
ww cake: 1 pt

total: 27 pts 7 flexies used

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