Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Confession time.

I think I've been in denial about my eating habits the last few weeks. I've been sneaking in more food than I should and have gotten lazy about counting EVERY pt that enters my mouth. So, when I weighed in last night at my mom's WW center, I wasn't too surprised to see I'm up 3.6 lbs. Granted, I was wearing jeans (which I never do), I weighed in after I ate, and I'm STILL pms-ing like a mad woman. But, since my mantra is "no more excuses," I can't really fall back on that. I've been over eating my points plain and simple. Not binging, but over eating by 4-5 pts every other day. This is what I did the other times I said WW didn't work. I didn't really do the plan, I made exceptions left and right. Well, DUH! That's why it didn't work. I get so annoyed with people that don't really count every point and then complain they haven't lost. And look what I'm doing... So, here I am. Admitting that I've slipped and ready to get back on board. After all, I'm so close to goal.

A few "holes" in my plan lately:

1. I'm counting my eggs before they hatch. I spend my flex faster than they renew. It's a bit overbaord. I'm a huge advocate of using your flex to curb your cravings. They are there to allow you the things you want. But, I do think I've started a habit of devouring flex in one or two days and then trying to reign myself in the rest of the week (desperately awaiting for my flex to renew). My goal is to hold on to my flex as long as possible. And only dip into them if I have a special event. I have more than enough choices and daily points to treat myself.

2. I'm letting myself get too hungry. I'm not eating enough protein. I've been eating a lot of those WW muffins lately. And while they're great and only 3 pts- they aren't very filling. If I had lite string cheese (1 pt) and some fruit I'd be more satisfied and stay fuller longer. So I need to get more protein in and make healthier choices.

3. EAT MORE FRUIT! I'm awful at this. I can get my veggies in, no problem. It's fruit. I tend to want to horde my points for treats and not spend them on nutritious foods lately. I need fruit. They're full of antioxidents. I need them. (Notice I'm trying to talk myself into this-LOL). One thing I love is a smoothie. I can add 1/2 a banana and 1/2 cup of frozen blueberries, and 1/2 cup skim milk and be satisfied for 3 pts. I'm not sure why I don't. So, in an effort to form a new habit, I'm going to start planning new breakfasts. No more carby, fluffy stuff. Whole foods. Smoothies, string cheese, nuts... That's my new goal.

Hell, if I can run 3 miles, I can form a new breakfast habit! LOL


I've decided to post my daily tracker to keep me honest. Here's what I ate yesterday:
WW Muffin= 3 pts
Tall, non-fat, no whip Mocha= 3pts

6 inch Turkey Sub with lite mayo=6 pts

1 cup fresh raspberries=1pt

1 cup turkey chili= 5 pts
1 toasted Flat-Out flatbread= 1pts

Went to Pool hall with sis:
3 Michelob Ultras= 6 pts

Total=27 pts (dipped 5 into flex)

So- there you have it. I'm at the mercy of all of you to keep me accountable. Well, and myself. :)

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