Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ran 2.5 miles this morning. It was a very sluggish run. I really wanted to do 3 miles, but I felt so heavy. I finally put it together that my "lady business" is due next week. That would explain my sluggishness. PMS is just the bomb yo!

Anyway, feeling good. I've made up my mind to set a mileage goal each week. I'm going to start with 10 miles a week. I figure that's reasonable since I'm able to do 2 pretty easily and working into 3 miles for some run. I can break it up however I want. One of my running buddies pointed out that I can also break up my runs in one day too. So if I can only do 2 miles in the morning- I can always run another mile later that day with the kids in the stroller or something. Good point.

Today has been good so far. Hit the gym, took Fischer to school, stopped by Target and now I'm showered and dressed (all before 1pm! LOL). I have to leave here in 20 mins to pick him back up. Why does time pass so quickly like that?? Tonight I have some last minute plans to see a band with my friend. Camera Obscura. Love them. Way excited about seeing them.

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