Sunday, January 14, 2007

I've had a bad run the last few days. It all started Friday when I set my alarm to wake up early to run at the gym. It malfunctioned to a low buzz, which I did not hear. (I promise) Then I got two last minute invites to go have some drinks with friends Friday and Saturday night. Friday night I had no points left and then I had 2 drinks (4pts) AND a veggie burger (roughly 5 pts). Then Saturday I had 7 pts left to spend and had 4 drinks (6 pts) and a steak salad. Luckily it was with a horseraddish vinegarette that was sparse, so I'm guessing it was 6 pts. So the tally is 12 pts over this week. I haven't done that in a while. In addition to going over, I didn't make it to the gym to run in 2 days because I was so tired from being out late. Vicious cycle. I think alcohol impairs my ability to stay OP. lol

But, today is a new day. No sense in getting down about my mishaps. I will say that in the past I probably would have made poorer choices. I definitely would have gone for the fries or nachos. But I stuck to lower point items. So that's a plus, if any.

I'm breaking the cycle of no gym visits today by going to the gym! Ed let me sleep in today until 10:30 today. I needed it after last night's "girl fest." I feel rested and ready to do 3 miles today. :)

This week I'm gonna get back to my roots. Time to start reigning myself in and prioritize stayong on plan again. While, I've had losses, I think I've treaded into dangerous territory with some old habits. Impulsive eating and drinking. Needs to stop. So, there it is. My confession. I'm counting on all of you to hold me accountable, okay? !! I can take it, I've got my "big girl" panties on and ready for someone to tell it like it is. :P


I went to a trail near me and ran 3 miles! It was really, really hard. I walked for 60 seconds once to give myself a break. But other than that, I ran. YAH!!

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Anonymous said...

Jen, you are awesome!! You are my motivation and inspiration.


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