Wednesday, July 23, 2008


So, like I mentioned yesterday, I went to Total Body. My old Heat instructor (haven't made it to a Heat class since I was 8 weeks along) was subbing. It was good to see her. She commented on how long it had been and how good I looked. (I'm sure she thought I was 7 months or so-LOL) Anyway, when I saw her, I knew the class would be harder than normal. Oh my! It sure was! There was so much more intense cardio. I had to take breaks, which I usually don't do. It was essentially a Heat class. When I left the class I felt like I was huffing and puffing for another hour. Phew! I think baby liked it though. Last night after my bath he was moving more than I ever felt him. Just spring boarding from side to side. All that oxygenated blood to the placenta I suppose.

I tell you what: after Shepherd decides to come out, mommy is going to go to Heat classes at least 3 days a week. That'll get me back in my 4's rather quickly! Hell, after one of those classes, you don't have energy to even over eat!

Today's agenda is a lighter one. We're headed to the library and then an errand. I may get in a walk with Penny later. But I'm not holding myself to it.

Here's my rough tracker plan:

*updated tracker*

WW's muffin: 3 pts
Banana: 2 pts

Mocha: 4 pts

Morning Star Spicy Black Bean patty on a lite english muffin with monteray jack cheese, leftover roasted peppers and a smear of guacamoli. =5 pts
Fresh pineapple: 1 pts

Yoplait Whips- Chocolate Mouse: 4 pts
A few almonds: 1pt

Veggie Lasagna: 5 pts
Salad: 2 pts

Total: 27 pts (room for extras)


Lindsey Elizabeth Burke said...

put Penny back inside the gate this morning :) She was just laying in the driveway...thought she was safer behind that cute little white picket fence!

Jen Gordon said...

Doh! Our backyard fence turned out to be missing one board. Therefore, Penny slipped out. We didn't know. :) But thank you!

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