Friday, August 22, 2008's Friday....

Got lots done today. I ran to the post office to send off my Happiest Baby on the Block educator certification stuff. Hopefully in a few weeks I'll be "official" in how to swaddle the hell out of a baby and "Shhhhsh" them to pieces. Then I hit the park and walked 2 miles. Felt good. I expected my back to hurt, but I focused on tucking my tailbone under and my abs in and it seemed to help, though it looks kinda funny. Then I ran to the grocery for some stuff.

The weather here has brought me back to life. The heat has let up some and the air is circulating again. I was so grateful to get outside and exercise. The breeze just made my day. Can't wait for Fall and all the time we'll be able to spend outside again...without water involved.

I've been on a chocolate kick lately. I'm trying to combat it with healthier alternative. So I bought some Yoplait Whips- Chocolate Mousse and some Bryer's yogurt with Oreo topping. I'm know it's not idea, but at least it's portioned out and I can get a little of the stuff I'm craving. As opposed to buying Oreos and eating 10 at a time.

Here's my tracker:

Cheerios with skim: 4 pts

Mocha: 3 pts
Cinnamon bagel chips: 4 pts (I opened them in the store cause I was having a melt down in blood sugar)

Chicken salad sandwich on wheat: 7 pts
2 Sweet pickles: 1 pts



Crockpot BBQ chicken courtesy of Kelle: 4 pts
Onion roll: 3 pts
Baked beans: 4 pts
Cheddar Biscuit (courtesy of Lindsey): 4 pts

Walked 2 miles: +2 pts

Total Goal: 35 pts

1 comment:

Lindsey Elizabeth Burke said...

Well, you really had 31 pts...I'll make the cheddar biscuits another BBQ night :)

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