Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Keep on moving....

A note on exercise in pregnancy.... I keep getting comments about how impressed people are with my exercise regime and being pregnant. First off, don't be too impressed.  If you could see me you'd swear I was a whale, huffing and puffing in slow motion.  Secondly, it's not like I'm running 5 miles at a time or anything. I just move for 30 mins to an hour 3-4 times a week. And I was in the habit long before I got pregnant, so I think that's why it's second nature now. I used to workout 5-6 days a week. Now it's 3-4, so I've cut back on frequency and intensity level. I look at it like I do my prenatal vitamins. Its good for me. I'm not trying to prove anything by it- it just feels good. I wrote an essay on prenatal exercise if you want to read it. Makes me want to go to the Y more. It helps me get out and go the days when I'm really not feeling it. I'm banking that it will pay off in labor. Sometimes when I've been doing cardio for 20 mins and I'm just feeling like I want to quit, I think about labor and how to press on. Of course, I'd stop if I thought something was actually not right. But most of the time I just want to be done for the sake of being done. LOL

I had my prenatal visit and had to down that horribly sugary glucose drink. Blech. I weighed in. 178. Ahem. According to *my* scale I was only 174. I'll take *my* reading thank you very much! Still, that was the weight I was at 8 weeks pregnant with Amelia so I'm happy.

Here's my not so OP tracker for today:

1/2 Kashi granola bar: 2 pts
English muffin with peanut butter and jelly: 4 pts

Glucose drink: 3 pts (guess it's the same as a coke)

Chips/Salsa: 4 pts
Cheese dip: 5 pts
Warm tortillas: 6 pts
House salad: 5 pts

Snack: (at mall)
1/2 mocha: 1.5 pts
Chocolate glazed doughnut (major craving): 5 pts

Dinner: (Ed' grilling)
Steak filet: 6 pts
green veggies: 0 pts

No APs :(

Total: 42 pts!!!

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