Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hump Day....

Sorry, my elementary teacher always called it that every single wednesday so now I say "hump day" in my head on wednesdays.

Still busy. We're leaving town this weekend to retreat to my parent's mountain house. I'm trying to get my doula stuff done (recertification is a bitch) and mailed in and get the kid's supplies for school. Since we won't be back until Sunday afternoon and school starts Monday- I gotta have my ducks in a row.

*deep breaths*

It's 3:30pm and Ameila has not had a nap today. We had a play date this morning and didn't get back until 2 ish. In order to survive the remainder of the day I've convinced myself she'd be in better hands at the YMCA, so I'm going there to work out. Though what I really want to do is nap. On the way there I have to mail my thick doula paperwork, pick up a prescription, and then swing by Pet Smart for a turtle filter. Blue Bell and Gary (the turtles) are pissed off. Their filter is dirty and stinky.

So combined with rushing around, some incline walking and weights- I should earn around 20 APs, right? Okay, max 3. Did I mention I have 6 loads of laundry to do as well??

Here's my tracker for today:

Raisin Bran with skim: 4 pts

Mocha: 3 pts

Lunch:(Courtesy of my friend Jenny)
Salad of romaine, sundried tomatoes, canelli beans, artichokes, lil' pasta, feta cheese, and dijon vinegarette: Guessing 9 pts
1 slice of salami: 1 pt
1 coke: 3 pts

Snack: (late afternoon before workout)
Homemade hashbrowns: 6 pts
Peach: 1 pt

Dinner: (Picking something up since we're leaving town and don't want to cook)
10 pt range

Treadmil walking and weights: +3 pts
Total: 34 pts

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